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I was presented an opportunity to become a documentary screenwriter and the result was a journey into the mind.  I was presented with an idea by a team of Producers to look at the potential for the genius mind.  That was it.  Just an idea.  A great documentary film starts with a question and through meetings, we came up with, Is our genius capacity reserved for a select few or are we all able to stream a genius mind?  From that, I began to extrapolate the core of the idea surrounding genius.  Through this, I then found my way to the engine of the story.  Story engine, for me, is that foot on the gas mentality to not only engage the viewer, but make them lean into the story we are telling.

From this point, I began to dive into my outline…breaking the story into what I referred to as the four quadrants of the brain.  2 from the left, the analytical side, and two from the right, the creative side.  What came next was truly an eye opening journey.

With complete and utter amazement, I began to realize how many sheep there really are…not just here in the United States, but around the world in general.  How is conformity strangling the world’s population?  The answer comes from the following phrase when discussing the world of technology;  ‘the race to the bottom of the brain stem,” their phrase, not mine.  From there, I began to further notice that life is a new frontier in breaking free from the matrix.  Nothing else matters than the expansion of the bottom line.  In every single industry, we are witnessing a strip mining ideal.  In the pursuit of profits, companies are engaged in the art of brain hacking.  Think I’m making this up?  Simply put, I am not.  Watch Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes doing a story on brain hacking.

From there, we dove into the history of the genius mind.  How we can learn from those who came before us because from the beginning, we have asked questions about our existence.  We are born with a deep sense of curiosity to ask, consider and even answer the endless stream of questions.  This discernment, the formation of conceptual and critical thought, coupled with the free will to do so, is the secret to awakening the genius mind…or is it?  Could something or someone be working against us?  The result is a riveting adventure into the mind of genius.

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