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If you are searching Hire a ghostwriter, I am here to help.  Ghostwriting is an art form that begins with the skill of being a good listener.  I am a multiple NY Times Bestselling Ghostwriter of numerous titles for authors under contract with Penguin Random House.  As a ghost, my job is to sit with my authors, listen to their ideas, offer my advice and apply my expertise with story.  While some might believe non-fiction books don’t have to worry about story, they are dead wrong.  Non-Fiction books need a great story arch that drives the content of the book.  In my expert opinion, the genre of non-fiction requires more story than narrative content.  For me, narrative writing is the easiest form of writing because there are no limitations.  Non-fiction work has constraints.  Facts.  The question I have for my non-fiction clients is this, ‘how is your idea for this book different than everything that has come before it?’

To give you an idea of my experience, I have served as a ghost for CEO’s and Entrepreneur’s alike.  From a Fortune 10 CEO to a start-up owner/operators, I have seen and heard it all from people wanting to write a book.  It appears everyone wants to say, “I wrote a book.”  The challenge, however, is not everyone has the time or skills to actually write a book.  That’s where I come in when you search hire a ghostwriter.  The bottom line is, I write for you.  I write a book as you.  My editor once likened the process to doing someone’s homework back in High School.

When you hire a ghostwriter, our job is to embody the personality of our clients.  From speech patterns to morals and ideals, I essentially have to become you.  After a week intensive of listening to your stories, wants and desires, I go back to my office and begin.  Like an actor in a movie, I literally have to become my ghostwriting clients.  I have to check my personal beliefs and agendas at the door and become your clone.  This is an art that some ghosts have and some don’t.  For me, I need to write from the heart of my clients and to do that, I need to become you.  On paper, of course.

With all forms of content, whether it is a book, a film, or an episode of television, the stories I am involved with need to have heart.  Without heart, it’s not worth the trouble.  I say that because writing is difficult.  Good writing is a high wire act that not everyone is capable of.  To walk the high wire, people hire ghostwriters like me.  Someone who can tell the story of another.  The bottom line when you hire a ghostwriter is to make sure they execute your vision.

Are you ready to tell your story?  I’m here to help.


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