Genius Mind


I was presented an opportunity to become a documentary screenwriter and the result was a journey into the mind.  I was presented with an idea by a team of Producers to look at the potential for the genius mind.  That was it.  Just an idea.  A great documentary film starts with a question and through [...]



Shot during the 2008 Writer's Guild of America strike, this 13 minute movie was part of an initiative by the WGA Members to create content even though the town was shut down.  To accomplish this, we first needed a production variance from the Screen Actors Guild, the Directors Guild, the Producers Guild and the Writer's [...]



If you are searching Hire a ghostwriter, I am here to help.  Ghostwriting is an art form that begins with the skill of being a good listener.  I am a multiple NY Times Bestselling Ghostwriter of numerous titles for authors under contract with Penguin Random House.  As a ghost, my job is to sit with [...]



Becoming known as a Spiritual Film Writer has a way of following you around.  Adapting a New York Times bestselling title is an honor.  It does, however, come with a huge responsibility.  The reason I say that is because the job is much like the job of being a ghostwriter for a book client.  When [...]



When you initially look at the 48 Hour film festival format, a reasonably sane person would say...NO.  Well, when I was asked to write, direct and produce a short film for the Elevate Film Festival, I said...YES.  In 48 hours, I would need to write a script, film it, finish it and deliver.  All within [...]